Alabama's Future  is at stake

What will you do to protect it?

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Mo Brooks: Didn’t Trust Trump

Mo Brooks said Trump’s immigration position was “worse than Obama’s.” Brooks didn’t trust Trump. Learn more about Brooks’ record and how conservative Katie Britt’s plan is different. Britt’s plan is just like Trump’s. Watch now.

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Mo Brooks: Voting With Democrats, Against America’s Military

It started even before the Afghanistan debacle. Mo Brooks has repeatedly voted against bills funding America’s military. Brooks even voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to cut off funding to fight ISIS. Is America safe? What’s next? What a disaster.

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Did Career Politician Mo Brooks Always Support Donald Trump? No.

When asked if he was going to support Donald Trump, Mo Brooks said, “No, I’m not.” Now a DC Club that also attacked Trump is boosting Brooks. Learn the truth about Mo Brooks and the false attacks against Christian conservative Katie Britt.